Victoria Shamrocks Remain Undefeated

Our lacrosse team, the Victoria Shamrocks have managed to stay undefeated in the early days of the season. In their most recent victory, they secured a 8-6 win in Port Coquitlam on Sunday.  During their last game in Coquitlam, McLean Chicquen had three goals and four assists, and the captain Max Fredrickson scored two. Cole Pickup…

Bill Okell Headed to Nationals

Saanich’s very own, Bil Okell has his eyes set on qualifying for the Sports Car Club of America’s national championships. He drives a modified MG Midget in the F production class. He placed fifth, and sixth in the events held at Thunderhill Raceway Park road course near Sacramento, Calif. This means that Okell is fifth…

Upcoming Table Tennis Tournament

There’s an upcoming table tennis tournament on May 3rd at the Cedar Hill Recreation Centre. Registration has closed, but spectators are permitted to attend at no cost! If you’re a fan of the sport, make sure to attend as it’s featuring some very talented athletes.

Victoria Olympians named to B.C. Games Board

Victoria Olympians Simon Whitfield and Dave Calder have been appointed as the B.C. Games board of directors by the Community, Sport and Cultural Development Minister Coralee Oakes. The two have had amazing success on an international level, and have won Olympic medals.

Jamie Benn Hockey Season

Our very own, Jamie Benn who is from Victoria BC, has had a good hockey season so far this year. He represented Canada at the Olympic games earlier in Sochi. The boys obviously brought home the Gold! Let’s see how far Jamie takes the Dallas Stars this playoff season in the NHL.

Coquitlam Express Eliminates Grizzlies

The Victoria Grizzlie’s loss to Coquitlam Express during the opening of the month was what ended the Grizzlie’s season this year. This year ranged from many highs to lows for the team, but they fought through for the most part. As we’ve recently learned, with the addition of a new General Manager for the Grizzlies,…

New GM for Victoria Grizzlies Hockey Club

The Victoria Grizzlies recently announced the hiring of Brad Knight as its new general manager. He will be replacing Pete Zubersky who remains on as vice-president of the B.C. Hockey League club. The following is what he had to say. “To be honest with you, my biggest concern is to achieve an atmosphere that is…