20 Signs That You Might Be A Victoria-Ite

  1. David Foster is a common conversation piece when talking with friends and family.
  2. Kale is no longer a food but a lifestyle, and everyone who doesn’t eat kale has to know that you do and that you’re better then them.
  3. You are either a UVic student, or you hate UVic students.
  4. The outcome of your day is directly proportional to the mood of your bus driver.
  5. You make 500k a year but still live with your parents.
  6. You have learned to identify the 10 major cloud types.
  7. You or one of your family has a man bun.
  8. You or one of your family despises man buns.
  9. You probably like the idea of going for a hike, but then realize that it takes effort and is usually wet, so you postpone it to next weekend.
  10. You’ve tried rock climbing, but then realize it’s kinda hard so you stopped going.
  11. You dabbled in photography for a while.
  12. Does anyone even know what happens in the Legislature?
  13. The kind of coffee you drink is now a indicator of where you stand on the social hierarchy.
  14. You can appreciate all the different kinds of rain we get.
  15. You embrace the fact that we only have two seasons: wet and cold, and wet and slightly less cold.
  16. You get offended when people call Victoria “Canada’s California”.
  17. You feel guilty about how little you use all of your outdoor equipment.
  18. Violin playing Darth Vader is your hero.
  19. You thought about breaking into the secret city under the inner harbour.
  20. The Queen of England might be a lizard.

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Article by Kaevin Dixon

Kaevin is an 18 year old writer, photographer, and outdoor enthusiast from Victoria, BC. His goal in life is to live in a van and be a ski bum.

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  1. ***Darth Fiddler (who most recently is dressing not as Darth Vader but Kylo Ren instead)

    Also for being the most British city outside of England, there sure are a lot of us who don’t care to have another country’s monarchy anymore.

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